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A gun-for-hire "Hitman" is a genetically-engineered, elite assassin known only as Agent 47 hired by a group known only as 'The Organization' is ensnared in a political conspiracy, which finds him pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military as he treks across Eastern Europe.

But even 47 couldn't anticipate a "random equation" in his life exactitude: the unexpected stirrings of his conscience and the unfamiliar emotions aroused in him by a mysterious Russian woman.

See more » Riding on after the fun and at times hilariously over-the-top "Transporter 2", Jason Statham is back as Frank Martin, aka, The Transporter in "Transporter 3." And, if you enjoyed the previous films, I can guarantee you will love this ride of mayhem.

This time around, Martin has been kidnapped and forced into his new job by Robert Knepper's character, the villain known only as ' Johnson.' Johnson has slapped a chemical-bomb-bracelet onto Martin which will explode if he strays from his car by more than 75-feet- an insurance policy to make sure he completes his task- transporting a sexy young woman named Valentina (Natalya Rudakova) and two mysterious bags throughout parts of Europe, for reasons unknown.

At 2.5 bar pressure (pretty standard for a high performance car tyre) this would take up 0.64 cubic meters which, on a 17" wheel at 205 profile would require the tyre height to be 215mm (even if it were possible to get all the air out of the tyre, which it wouldn't as the air would stop coming out when the inside of the tyre was the same pressure as the outside). You see, since we had our little chat at the beginning of the mission, I've been thinking I don't need the best man for this mundane assignment.

To support a 1500kg car at the surface would require each bag to take 375kg which (roughly) in fresh water at atmospheric pressure would require each to displace 0.375 cubic meters.

Frank Martin turns down a job in Marseilles, referring it to a pal.

A short time later, the pal, wounded by gunfire, crashes his car into Frank's living room and dies, leaving a young woman in the back seat. In between this and Red Siren (2002), he directed numerous ads, music videos, documentaries and short films, as well as being the second unit director on Hitman - Jeder stirbt alleine (2007).

All-in-all, I liked "Transporter 3", it was a great ride filled with good action, cool characters and a silly but decent, cliché-ridden story.

Transportuesi profesionist Frenk Martin, tani jeton në Francë dhe vazhdon të transportojë “mallra” pa bërë shumë pyetje.Though I will say the camera-work is sometimes sub-par, and sometimes a little too "Jason Bourne Shaky." But overall, if I wasn't told any different, I'd assume Leterrier was still directing, which is good, because a series like this should generally feel consistent.