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Meanwhile his anxiety grows to the point where he envisions he and María passing each other through life in parallel passageways or tunnels, whereas he is "a single tunnel, dark and solitary: mine, the tunnel wherein passed all my infancy, my youth, my entire life." Eventually, Castel enters the house, approaches María in her room, where he accuses her of leaving him alone in the world, and stabs her to death.

Following the attack, Castel shows up to Allende's office to tell him that he has murdered María for sleeping with Hunter, only to discover that Allende is well-aware of his cuckold status.

First, he immediately and directly informs readers that he has committed a murder, an act that Albert Fuss credits with effectively inverting the structure of the traditional detective novel (326).

Sabato, El tunel (15) UTTERED by Juan Pablo Castel in the opening pages of Ernesto Sabato's novel El tunel (1948), these words bring to light two very important details regarding the protagonist's ensuing confession.

(2) As such, Spirkin posits that consciousness is a "reflection of reality" that "dictates the laws of its own existence," becoming expressed through speech (187).

Consequently, "if there is a thought in our consciousness, it is always contained in a word, although it may not be the word that best expresses that particular thought" (187).

The atmosphere, the presence and attitudes of the other visiting relatives, and realizing Hunter's jealousy all feed into Castel's paranoia, forcing him to flee the ranch with little more than a word to one of the service staff.

Following their discussion about the painting, Castel and María agree to see each other again.