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20-Nov-2016 08:36

Currently owned and administrated by dirtypaws Yeah I know, being human totally sucks. Being a dragon would totally be much cooler, but there comes a point where you will have to accept that wishing it doesn't make it true...I made a Discord server for any otherkin that's designed as a safe haven from the trolls and troublemakers that I often hear stories about in the otherkin community as a whole. https://discord.gg/NVsjxz J Dating dragons I host a discord server for dating dragonkin by dragonkin.In time, some people also began to describe concepts for beings which were derived from mythological archetypes, though having unique qualities; fully undefinable or one-of-a-kind kin types appeared as well.Most who identify as otherkin are fully aware of their biology and human existence.Then go to the room, and repeat (you don’t have to do the ritual again).Smudge every room in your home, including the basement, attic, and garage.

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While many people I meet are interested in finding a spirit companion or enhancing their contact with a current one, I also occasionally meet someone who wants to get rid of a spirit.

Traditionally these have been mythological in nature, beginning with fairy and fey folk, elves, and a few other European mythological archetypes.