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10-Aug-2016 01:18

this is the same lady who is a definite goal chaser in the office by the way!Why are you being apologetic about your true needs and desires? ) When will you stop the car, get off your bum and throw away the ‘back seat’ approach in the bedroom?Any woman can get dick, any woman can score bottles, a few months of attention and even a fake (bum…of course I mean ass) relationship; are those your entry requirements? What is it about you that even allows a man to think, “It’s okay not give her time, pleasure and even money? If you are in your late twenties and you still can’t tell a man what is it that you want …what does the future like?If you are in your late twenties and you are still faking orgasms, what exactly are you hoping for?"Because I know what a kid in apartment 5C see/ Heaven knows all I had was hella hope/ Speed dating with destiny, I couldn't tell her no."The video complements the words with simple footage of a humble apartment. The camera jumps between peeling wallpaper, a steaming tea kettle, photographs stuck on the fridge, records, recording equipment and piles of notebooks. On." – "You are whatever you say you are/ Turn any situation around" – a pigeon on a windowsill takes off and a sunbeam lights the apartment. On." clip will play at the beginning of Jay-Z's set at Made in America fest, which takes place September 2nd and 3rd in Philadelphia.

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Women are also sexual beings, the goddesses of pleasure, and that does not make them loose or sluts!Stop pursuing relationships more than a potential man will do, only participate in a balanced dance of mutual chase, and master the art of giving is receiving, and no more.