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Chariot or harness fittings are predominant: they include rein rings, bits, and ornaments, as well as weapons and various types of talismans.All suggest an indigenous school of craftsmanship catering to a changing clientele whose tastes and requirements varied with their origin.The simplified silhouettes, which once must have appeared as individual figures, are linked together in a repetitive frieze to form a band of enrichment or to articulate some plastic feature.Nothing of this sort is to be seen in the contemporary Ubaid pottery of southern Mesopotamia, although the two cultures show a parallel progression. The Elamite use of pictographs was short-lived, however, and for a long time no further attempt was made to develop a written language.As would be expected at this period, they show a variety of styles, sometimes combined in a single design, and carry suggestions of influence from Assyria, Syria, and even Egypt.The collection is thought by some to have been the property of a Scythian chief who temporarily ruled Mannai.Nevertheless, it is clear that Iranian art maintained a distinctive identity from prehistoric times onward; thus, characteristics seen in designs on painted pottery of the 4th millennium can also be recognized, for instance, in the sculpture of the Achaemenian Persians.

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At first they were little more than a loose confederation of tribes, occupying a wide area of Iran south of the Caspian Sea.

Dated to a period contemporary with the foundation of the Hasanlu citadel, though removed from it geographically, are the royal tombs found at Marlik.

The tombs contained gold and silver vessels, comparable in design to those found at Hasanlu, and ingeniously grotesque animal figures in terra-cotta.

One interesting exception is a type of carved steatite bowl, at first thought to be an Elamite product but since found at sites as far apart as Mari on the Euphrates and Mohenjo-daro in the Indus valley, where it originated, thus emphasizing the part played by Susa in transcontinental trade.

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During the late 2nd millennium ziggurat, 345 feet (105 metres) square and originally 144 feet (44 metres) high, built for the most part of baked bricks each weighing about 40 pounds (18 kg).Apart from the fact that it has been reconstructed with four receding stages and a summit temple, the structure of the ziggurat has little in common with that of Mesopotamian ziggurats.