Dating in the dark 2018

05-Jun-2016 03:00

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Growing up, my dark skin was automatically equated with ugliness in the eyes of most of my peers.

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They were expecting me to feel so privileged by their advances and attention that I would not leave them when they screwed up. I'm sure when I ended things they were so shocked because they taught they were involved with a dark-skinned women who would be lucky if any guy talked to them so she would hold onto them for as long as she could.

So when I left them, their egos were extremely bruised.

When someone views you that way, it is quite evident in their actions.

I had to learn from every encounter and the encounters of my fellow sisters. One thing I learned from dating “the brothers” is that many of them feel as though dating me is a badge of some form of consciousness and mental elevation. Around my sophomore year in high school there was this stereotype that light skinned girls were “Hollywood,” they “‘didn't text back “ and we're extremely high maintenance in their relationships.

They feel as though dating me means they're not shallow like other guys and that they are above the Eurocentric beauty standard conditioning. Soon enough, more people began showing love publicly to us of darker skin.The video, embedded below, chronicles the duo’s creative process on this album from their workspace at Tarbox Road Studios in west New York.

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